Kaycee Poston

Dear Cacky,

When Gathering Events highly encouraged Cacky's Bride + Aid, for a split second I pondered "why the additional service?" yet thankfully never questioned Gathering Event's request. After all and in typical Charleston fashion, we adore your family so why not!?!
Now we adore Cacky's Bride +Aid! Your incredible service is difficult to explain until experienced yet we are so grateful that you were with us every step of that special day.
The entire bridal party, and other wedding day professionals, truly benefitted from your watchful eye and calming demeanor. As Mother of the Bride, from the moment the girls arrived to dress (with George in tow, mind you!) until you bustled our over-the-moon happy bride, I had the privilege of savoring each moment as everything had been delegated to you! You genuinely shared in our joy and I stand in awe of your 'behind the scenes' professional participation.
You have an unparalleled ability to detect needs then just calmly address them. No one asked, you just did! I recall dressing robes beautifully lined up and waiting for the girls, hair and make up stations perfectly appointed, steaming and pressing dresses and gowns to perfection, even noticing that George needed to be walked plus repairing a bridesmaid's earring. Those little unexpected things were handled and managed beautifully and without fuss.
Cacky's Bride + Aid is truly more than a wedding day lifesaver. Your service is wedding day fairy dust and your were the magic bullet.
Cacky's Bride+ Aid is a wedding day 'must have' that we will forever remember and be grateful for!
Elly joins me in heartfelt appreciation,
Kaycee Poston

Heather Boneparth

Cacky is a gem! She assisted our bridal party on the day of my daughter's wedding with the poise, warmth and good counsel of a true pro. Cacky came prepared, having asked in advance all the questions she needed to ensure that our wedding day would go smoothly. She steamed dresses, tied bow ties, removed static from dresses and infused a sense of calm and serenity to the whole preparation. Both ladies and gents remarked that Cacky was the MVP that afternoon. You may think you don't need help on the big day but everyone should have a Cacky. She anticipates the needs that you have not. My husband was such fan that the day after the wedding he remarked "Whatever you paid Cacky was money well spent!" Thank you Cacky!

Eliza Smith

We decided to hire Cacky last minute, and I am so happy we did!! She was there during my bridal portraits helping me with my veil, placing my dress, giving me hand warmers(as they were taken outside in January). She is so helpful the day of the wedding. She steams the wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses, helps during pictures and really just does whatever the bride needs her to do. I was upset I completely forgot my something blue the day of, and she actually had a blue piece of thread that she sewed into my dress 10 minutes before I walked down the aisle. I think my mom and I were a lot more relaxed the day of the wedding because of Cacky! I would definitely recommend her! She is awesome!!

Kathleen Hagood

Cacky was a incredible asset to our wedding plan and made everything easy and stress free. Her attention to detail is incredible and her experience is unmatched. She helped us create and carry out a detailed plan for the day of the wedding. She is a calming helper on what can become a stressful day. Cacky really thinks of everything and I don't know of anyone that offers the impeccable service she delivers. Cacky is a true gem and I can't imagine our wedding day without her quiet help.

Katie Murphy Williams

When friends of mine ask for wedding planning tips and advice, I always start with, "the one thing you must do is contact Cacky Rivers"! Cacky came as highly recommended from several friends/co-workers of mine. Taking their advice, I booked our initial consultation and INSTANTLY knew it was a great decision. From day one, she was always extremely prepared & organized, helped me question and come to decisions I would have never thought of on my own, and her personality is seriously contagious! When people say she is a wedding day lifesaver, it is true! From having my dressed steamed and ready, to helping me get dressed, to knowing just what to do with the lace detail on my dress and where to tape what she has this skill mastered! She was also a complete lifesaver during photos dabbing my face when needed, having cool water on hand, adjusting my dress, and more than anything, just keeping me calm and collected. I'm not kidding, this list could go on-and-on!

Cacky, I know there were so many "behind the scene" things that went on that I'm not even aware of. I truly cannot express my gratitude enough. You have such a talent to make bride's feel so very special on their big day and to make their day go just perfectly! I am so very glad you will always be a part of that very special time in my life. Thank you SO much!

Melissa Funk

Cacky was an absolute LIFESAVER on the day of our wedding. She came to the rescue many times on our wedding day! My fiance could not tie his bowtie so Cackly literally ran to the other side of the hotel to help. My dress had a lot going on and right before the first dance my bustle broke. Cacky came to the rescue and fixed the bustle while my husband & I had a private moment eating dinner before the reception began. I am forever grateful for her presence on our wedding day and highly recommend her services to any brides.

Mary Kathryn Zinman

You were a life savor. Your confidence was reassuring and gave me peace after several attempts to find someone to steam my dress at local dry cleaners and seamstress shops. You were there in short notice and worked at a convenient time for me!! You brought my dress up another level by Getting rid of all the wrinkles which allowed the light to hit all the right places instead! The extra touch of steaming my white pants was very thoughtful and kind. Thank you!!!!

Ali Wilder

Cacky came HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by my wedding planner and wedding makeup artist! She can literally DO IT ALL! From attending my dress fittings, to multiple dress steamings, sewing my wedding dress straps on before the reception, to making sure makeup, hair, veil and everything else was in tact all before walking down the isle and taking all photos. She was there with me every step of the way all while being very calm and collected. She even gave us all breath mints, tissues, and lipstick whenever we needed it. I could not have imagined my big day without her! Hire her now and thank me later!

Doree Gardner

Cacky is a lifesaver! A few days before my wedding (stress was high!) my mom was having trouble getting me into my dress and we were both pretty anxious about how it would go the day of the wedding, not to mention- it was a tropical storm, and my dress had yet to be steamed/pressed. Cacky was recommended to me by a wedding industry professional in Charleston. I called her and explained the situation- she immediately put my mind at ease.
Cacky was cool, calm, and collected the day of the wedding. Any little hiccup that arose, Cacky had a solution! My dress ended up needing a few clear snaps sewed on, and Cacky was able to do it on the spot. My mom even misplaced an earring back, and Cacky had a replacement! She made me feel so calm and relaxed- I knew that she had everything under control. She pressed and steamed my dress beautifully and helped me get into it. Having Cacky there really helped my mom be able to relax and not worry my dress and all the other dressing chaos that occurs the morning of a wedding. She even helped the bridesmaids get dressed! Having Cacky there was such a blessing. At one point we were running behind, and I was starting to really stress out- Cacky looked at me and so calmly said- "Dont worry Doree, I wont leave you and everything will be ok!" She immediately put me at ease. Words cannot express how thankful I was in that moment. She is so sweet, calm, and helpful! I recommend Cacky to any bride getting married in the Charleston area. Having her there was such an immense help.

Doree Gardner Morison

Cayleigh HOpkins

Hey Cacky!

I am a wedding planner here in Charleston for Cory at Sage Innovations and you came highly recommended.

I have a bride for 6/3 who is need of some steaming for her dress as well as her bridesmaids. Are you available? And if so, could you send over some pricing?!

Let me know! Thanks so much.

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

Lauren Smith

I learned about Cacky through a good friend who worked with her in a previous wedding, and said I HAD to hire her for my upcoming wedding. Her services sounded like a dream come true, and I thought there was no way she would be available since this was only 2 weeks before my wedding. She called me back within half an hour of my email to her and we quickly had it booked. To be honest I wasn't completely convinced I needed her services, especially adding an expense in those crazy last two weeks before the big day but this was a wedding I had planned by myself in 3 months and figured I could use all the help I could get! To say I was completely blown away is an understatement! Cacky was one of my (and my entire family's) FAVORITE part of my wedding. From the moment she arrived at the house where I was getting ready, she put me at ease. I have a wonderful mother and matron of honor but there was a lot going on and having Cacky by my side freed them up to tackle other last minute things that came up, thus making the day go much smoother! Cacky knew my videographer (Life in Rewind-PJ) from working together in previous weddings, and their hilarious love/hate relationship kept me laughing the entire day. She also drove me to the wedding so that we didn't stray too far from our timeline, told me over and over how calm and easy going I was (even if it wasn't true, it helped!!) gave me a snack minutes before the ceremony, and of course I can't not mention the pre-ceremony FOOT MASSAGE. She also thankfully had fashion tape that we ended up sticking in my dress literally minutes before I walked down the aisle. She cuddled my best friend and matron of honor during picture taking because we were all freezing, and stayed late to bustle my dress since we were running behind. I also had people ask me where she went once she left-they wanted her to stay and hang out! Cacky I said it before, but I know for a fact my wedding wouldn't have been nearly as easy as it was without you, thank you with my whole heart for being by my side on one of the most important days of my life! I will remember you always! And future brides reading this, yes all the other reviews are as good as mine (I've read them all) and you won't regret for a single second hiring this sweet woman as part of your wedding day tribe! <3

Dillard Salmons Stevens

The first advice that our wedding planner gave me was, "you must hire Cacky!" She went on to say that anything that could possibly make me nervous on my wedding day would all go away with Cacky by my side. She was right!!

Cacky made everything feel like it was a piece of cake. She has amazing energy and a kind-heart. I can't say enough about Cacky. She fixed all the little things that seemed so "big" at the time (even stitched my dad's trousers!) It was like having a caring sister in the house that afternoon.

Cacky is part of the perfect wedding day. Lots and lots of love and appreciation to you Cacky!


Cacky, I don't know how to thank you! You were such a wonderful part of the wedding day. I was incredibly calm since you were there to help with getting into the dress, putting the veil on and off - especially during photos - and even later on with other outfit changes.I felt at ease knowing you were there to fix anything that came up. On top of everything, you were such a pleasure to hang out with on such a special day!! Thank you thank you and I truly cannot imagine you not being there. xo

Kylan Smith

Cacky was hands down one of the best parts of my wedding day!! My advice to anyone who gets engaged is 1) hire a planner and 2) hire Cacky. From the second she arrived, she put my mother and I at ease. Our dresses were perfectly steamed, every detail was accounted for and I knew we were in capable hands if anything went wrong.

While I love my bridesmaids, I did not want them to have to 'fuss' over me all day. However, it was also important that my veil, dress, makeup and bouquet we picturesque. Cacky was there with an eye for detail and made the day flow perfectly. When someone's eye got irritated, she had eye drops - when there were mosquitos, she had nice smelling repellent wipes!

Still, the best part of Cacky is that she assists with a peaceful and calming spirit. She was always quietly nearby eager to help with whatever the day brought our way. I cannot recommend her enough!


I had the pleasure of working with Cacky on a 3 night event that would challenge the best planners in the world. Around the clock we worked together for 72 hours and assisted some of the most prestigious clients in the world... all with grace, poise and efficiency! She truly is an elite seamstress and I feel so lucky to have met her.

Katie Lyon

CACKY!!! How, oh how, could we have done the weekend without Cacky... She saved the day on more than one occasion and by the end of the weekend, felt like part of the family. She went above and beyond with not only the care to details of a bride, but my family and every member of the bridal party. As said by many people she helped that day, "Cacky is one of my favorite memories." WE LOVE YOU, CACKY!!!!

Caroline Stephens

With the massive amount of details needed in planning, fine-tuning, then executing a wedding, my thoughts never pointed towards "who will assist me during those high intensity moments leading up to my walk down the alter?" I though to myself: my mom would be there to assist in every step of the way, my MOH/ sister is certainly in tow, and let's not leave out my handful of bridesmaids. I was so very wrong, they were busy with other tasks and getting themselves ready!

From all of the wedding assumptions I had made, it's safe to say I underestimated the power and need of Cacky and her rockstar talents. To put it simply, Cacky's Bride + Aid sort of made my day.

Now a good friend, Cacky went above and beyond during our short time together. Always thinking three steps ahead of the game, Cacky ironed out the creases of what I figured would be a well thought-out day with little to no bumps.

From missing tux studs to recommending a little celebratory bubbly before entering the chapel, there is no one I'd rather spend memorable hours leading up to my wedding with. I'll forever be a huge fan of Cacky!

Emily Siedell

I hired Cacky at the suggestion of my wedding planner and to be honest I was initially somewhat skeptical about whether it was a necessary expense, especially since I wasn't sure there would be enough for Cacky to do - I already had someone coming to do my hair and makeup, had bridesmaids to help with the dress, etc. I could not have been more wrong. Cacky was AMAZING! She helped me figure out how to modify my hairstyle after I questioned the initial look, fixed the bridesmaids' dresses after someone's hem came loose or the sides were puckering, tied all of the bow ties for the groomsmen, hemmed my uncle's pants, helped place my dress for photos and was there fixing my dress and veil just as I was about to walk down the aisle. I could not (and would not want to!) imagine not having Cacky there. On top of all of this, Cacky is a wonderful person. Warm, friendly and good humored, she was so much fun to have around. There are many expenses for a wedding and while I may not remember things like the dessert buffet many years down the road, I will always remember Cacky's kind and helpful nature. Thank you Cacky!

margaret lee

Cacky's Bride+Aid is the best decision I made for our daughter's wedding. Cacky was there for every need and she NEVER said she couldn't or wouldn't do anything. She pressed dresses, massaged the bride's feet at the church, fluffed her dress for photos and bustled a long train with a smile and the greatest of ease. Having Cacky in our home the afternoon of the wedding wiped away any stress that had been harboring there and her positive attitude and gentle manner were icing on the cake. I didn't want to have anyone "between" my daughter and me on the day of her wedding because I thought I could do it all, but I am so thankful Cacky was there and I would contract with her all over a matter of fact, I would never do it again without her!

Carter Lee

Cacky was absolutely wonderful! She is kind, friendly, and happy. Cacky helped me feel at ease from the moment she arrived to the moment she smoothed my train out right before I walked down the aisle. She does everything for your from steaming your dress to giving you a wonderful foot message just minutes before you say "I do"! I will recommend her to all of my friends for their weddings. Because of Cacky, my dress remained spotless for the entire ceremony.

Maddy Donaldson

My mother-in-law gifted Cacky to me for my wedding as a birthday present. I was not completely sure what all she would do, but, boy, was I blown away. Cacky came to the church early to steam my dress, my going away dress and my bridesmaids' dresses. She helped with a few spots on my girls' dresses. She came with me during the first look to ensure that the dress was still in perfect condition. She even took some of the wedding pictures because my photographer is a dear friend and I wanted her to jump in some of the pictures. About 30 minutes before the wedding ceremony Cacky sewed a new button on my dress to make the bussle the perfect length. Not only did Cacky take care of my dress, but she constantly made sure that I was doing alright. She gave me a foot massage to calm any nerves before walking down the aisle. About a week after the wedding I dropped my dress off for her to spot clean some of the stains on the bottom... in just two days my dress looks as if I had not even worn it! Honestly, what didn't Cacky do? She was absolutely amazing, and I strongly encourage every bride to hire Cacky for the day. The only problem is that I can't have her everyday!


Maris Emanuel

Cacky is unbelievable! I cannot describe how much I enjoyed working with her and how glad I was to have her with me on my wedding day.

Cacky did everything from helping me get into my gown to being an emotional savior. My dress had extremely delicate beading that tore early on and Cacky was right there to fix it like it was no big deal. When my veil was annoying me, she could tell instantly I wanted it off and just seemed to magically appear to assist. Cacky even served as a buffer between me and my in-laws as well as my bridesmaids when I needed a little "me time." Her calm demeanor kept me calm and I felt as though I had a dear friend beside me.

I literally could not have imagined my day without Cacky! I cannot recommend Cacky's Bride + Aid enough. I promise you won't be disappointed if you have her as part of your special day.

Jessica Eovino Pafford

Cacky is fantastic. I didn't hire a wedding planner because I had my reception at the Francis Marion Hotel and their banquet manager - took care of all those details. I hired Cacky to help me with my dress, my schedule the day of the wedding, my ceremony rehearsal, and my wedding ceremony. She is a life saver!

I'm so glad that I met with her a few days before my wedding because she helped do a few quick things that helped the front of my dress. She can do some quick things with her needle and thread. She helped run my ceremony rehearsal and the ceremony (to get everyone down the aisle). Cacky was also great to help out with all the posed pictures right after the wedding to keep them moving along and getting my dress bustled as well.

Cacky can do anything and I'm convinced that she's got everything in the apron she wears. Hire her and you won't be disappointed.


I can't say enough wonderful things about Cacky. I was traveling from NYC. She was able to meet me, pick up my dress, and have my very large wedding dress and veil, pressed and fluffed in less than 24 hours. She worked completely at my convenience, and had my dressed delivered right to my hotel room.
Her services didn't stop there. After my wedding, she picked up my dress from me to have it cleaned. She also went out of her way to find a consignment store for me to sell my dress. At no benefit to her, she stayed in touch with me, worked everything out for the sale of my dress, and had my dress up and ready for sale in like two weeks. She made everything happen easily, and always with such kindness.
Working with Cacky was such a privilege, and she just made my wedding that much more special. There is nobody better out there for your wedding dress for your special day.
Thank you Cacky!


Cacky was truly amazing on our wedding day. She helped in so many different ways - from making sure everything was running smoothly to fixing a groomsman's pants that were two sizes too big to bustling my dress and so much more. Having Cacky there throughout the day helped relieve myself and my mother of a lot of stress. She is organized, professional, and super sweet. If you're getting married in the Charleston area, you should definitely call Cacky!

Lauren Liles

Cacky was a true Godsend to me and my mom on my wedding day. Having planned everything ourselves, we had no idea how stressful the actual wedding day could be with trying to organize the wedding party, steam dresses, wrangle distraught flower girls, keep track of bags for the bridesmaids, etc. Thanks to Cacky, we didn't have to worry about any of it. Always the consummate professional, Cacky thought of everything we might need on the big day and helped manage the little details that can exhaust the bride and MOB if we had to do it all ourselves. She even came prepared to fix the wedding dress if/when I had alteration issues or wanted my monogram sewn inside! Thanks Cacky for helping to make my wedding day the most beautiful and memorable day of my life!

Alice M. Phillips

Cacky Williams is a wonder woman. There is no way we could have done it without Cacky.

While Cacky is there for the entire bridal party, she's all-ears for the bride. She was so attuned to what I needed and wanted, it was almost as if she could read my mind. She fills so many roles–checking your appearance to make sure you're picture perfect, remedying dress issues, cuing the processional, passing along information to vendors, and so much more. She also directed our rehearsal since we held the ceremony outdoors instead of at a church, and she managed our large wedding party with so much grace and efficiency. We were finished in less than an hour.

The day of, I had no idea how badly we would need dress-steaming. Cacky's work completely transformed the bridesmaids' dresses, which came out of their boxes looking like crinkled crepe paper, into beautiful, flowing dresses my friends were delighted to wear. Glancing over my own dress that morning, I didn't think it needed steaming, but Cacky worked her magic and it too took on a new, refreshing vibrancy. In the same vein, it became apparent after the ceremony that my dress was still a few centimeters too long in spite of alterations. Cacky came to the rescue, pinning it up to the needed new length and bustling the dress before our first dance. The difference was remarkable. I would have been tripping the whole evening if she hadn't noticed, and I probably would have been too overwhelmed by the day to realize my skirt was a problem. She has such a keen attention to detail.

One of my few regrets about our wedding day was that we only hired Cacky through the first dance, relatively early in the evening. She was a soothing presence, she kept us promptly on schedule, and she anticipated issues before they came up. We had a very fun evening, but I imagine it would have been more relaxing for us if we had asked her to stay for the full night. Our entire wedding party adored Cacky, and so did our vendors. Our photographer went on and on about how helpful she was, herding the many bridesmaids and groomsmen, and making funny faces at the flower girls to make them laugh in the photos.

I can't recommend Cacky's services strongly enough. Thank you, Cacky, for everything you did for us!

Annie Hutson McEwen

Site looks great! Thank you for all of your help!! xoxo

Katrina Hughes

Cacky is much more than a Bride Aid. She is an angel! I had a short engagement and was planning the wedding on my own. From the first meeting, Cacky was organized and ready to tackle every detail. When I arrived prior to the ceremony, she had everyone on task. There was not one part of the day that didn't go perfectly (and if it did she is that good that I didn't even notice). I left the wedding so relaxed knowing that everyone had been paid, my guests were happy, and all was taken care of. Thanks to Cacky, it was an amazing day. She truly is extraordinary at what she does!!!!

Elizabeth Reed

I wanted to briefly share how grateful I was to have Cacky by my side on my special day. Not only was she incredibly helpful and attentive with all of my needs that day, but our photographer found her to be of great help, as well. Cacky's easy-going, friendly and has a sense of positive energy that's totally magnetic! I'd recommend her services to any future Charleston brides.

Thanks again, Cacky!
Lisa Reed

Ann R. Phillips

As a MOB I can not say enough about Cacky and her services on my daughter's wedding day! We were in troduced to Cacky a few weeks before our May19th wedding. After Laura's portrait sessioin in April there were some pretty bad(we thought) stains on her dress and I was most concerned. Cacky took a look and assured me we were fine and she could take care of the issue and she did. Our wedding reception was at The William Aiken House downtown Charleston and the wedding was in Mt. Pleasant. The wedding party was gathering at WAH for pics and then taking a trolley to Mt. Pleasant thus we would all be dressing for pics at WAH then undressing for trolley ride and redressing at Church. I went into "panic mode" thinking about transporting wedding gown, my dress and 8 bridesmaids' dresses. At this point an incredible decision was made to hire Cacky for the day of the wedding. AMAZING young lady. Cacky arrived at WAH on wedding day with bridal gown and MOB dress perfectly pressed and box of supplies for anything we could possibly have needed done that day. When we were ready to dress all dresses were hung and ready for us. Pics were taken and we took of wedding attire and Cacky loaded it in her van and carried everything to the Church where she touched it all up and we redressed. She got Laura down the aisle, took care of us during the pics and bustled Laura before she boarded the trolley to return to WAH for the reception. Cacky not only had all dresses ready to go but she brought a beautiful smile and fun personality to our wedding day. All of us decided we wanted to take Cacky home with us as she can do anything and always does this with a beautiful smile! She picked up the dress the following week and sent it off to be cleaned and preserved and returned to us. The decision to have Cacky share Laura's wedding day was one of the best I have ever made and I feel like I have a new adorable friend that I look forward to seeing in the years ahead! Thank you precious Cacky for allowing me to enjoy Laura's wedding day stress free–what a joy you were!
We love you!

Ann R. Phillips

Hi Cacky. I have been at Cherry Grove all summer and just got the email. It was good hearing from you. I have had a FAB summer!! Hope all is well with you and your family. Laura's dress arrived in July and is safely in our home.

Blair Heinke

1 week before my wedding day, after 600 dollars in dress alterations, I was devastated about how my wedding dress looked. I did not think it was flattering and literally lost a night of sleep crying about my dress. My mother and bridesmaids, with best intentions, just told me not to worry and said the dress looked beautiful. I knew something was weong with the fit. Cacky came to my hotel room, saw what was wrong with my dress and did emergency alterations by hand in my room. I went from being devastated about my dress to being happy about how it looked. She saved me hundreds of dollars which I was about to spend on emergency dress alteration and purchase of a totally new dress(seriously i was desperate). Even more then that she heard what I needed on the biggest day of my life and saved me. Thank you Cacky! Even thinking about this now brings tears to my eyes because you really saved the day. Thank you . Thank you. Thank you.

Lindsey Barrett

I got married April 21, 2012. It was the best day of my life and thanks to Cacky, I was the most relaxed I have ever been! I was very involved in every aspect of my wedding, so letting go of the reins and just enjoying the ride was my most difficult task. Thanks to Cacky, all the little things were handled, and everything was perfect! It was so wonderful having my friends and family by my side every minute. If it wasn't for Cacky, they would have been running around helping out. EVERY bride needs Cacky at their wedding!!! Thank you Cacky!!!

angela graham

Jenni Blair Kilgore

Hi girl!
Remember us ? Janice Dalton and Jenni Kilgore from Dr. Lee's office ?
Janice came across your business card recently while her daughter Jessica was getting her final fitting !!! You look great and have not aged !!!
Hope you are doing well ...Get back with us !

Janice Dalton

Hey Girl,
I picked up your card at Stitch Witch and was so excited to see it. I have thought of you so often and know you are fabulous at this!! Let me know how life has been treating you.
Take Care,

Cassie Carroll Frazier

I can't imagine what my wedding day would've been like without Cacky! After my wedding portrait, my dress was quite wrinkled, so I took it back to the boutique where I purchased it, and they told me it was impossible to get many of the wrinkles out because of the material. Cacky offered to take my dress home with her the night before my wedding, when I saw my dress on my wedding day I was delighted to find that there was not one wrinkle on my dress. This is just one small example of how awesome and talented Cacky is–I was completely worry and stress free on my wedding day knowing that everything was in her hands. I can't express enough gratitude for making my wedding day perfect!

Kimberly Jenkins

Cacky was a tremendous asset to my wedding. I was married on 9/10/11, Not only did she steam my thick, satin dress (one of the hardest she has worked with) for the bridal portraits, but afterwards (I got stuck in the rain during the pictures and had many stains), she spot cleaned the dress for no extra cost. She then steamed my dress, my bridesmaids dresses, and my mother's dress on the morning of my wedding day to have everything perfect. It is very hard to find a vendor in Charleston, SC who cares about you and not just your money, and Cacky is just that. She truly wants your day to be the most perfect day. You are crazy if you don't choose her to be your wedding dress safety net!!

Cacky, thank you again. You are amazing. Keep in touch!

Best Regards,


Cheri Gray

June 15, 2011
I was the mother of the bride . Cacky was our life saver for my daughter's wedding on June 4, 2011! I don't have the words to say how much having her there meant to us all! She says she's the "day of" helper, but she's oh so much more. She not only kept us calm, especially me, but she was on top of EVERYTHING! She took care of me and the bride with professionalism and love! I told her once that if I had a million dollars, I'd give it to her cause that's what she's worth! I can't imagine not having had her with us throughout the year of planning too! You're wonderful, Cacky! We love you! Thank you !!!!!

Brionne Heron

I found an amazing designer dress off once wed and was really concerned that it wouldn't ever look like a "brand new" dress again. Cacky worked magic with her steamer and my dress looked truly amazing! She actually steamed it twice, once for my portrait and than again on the wedding day. It was great just to have her show up at the bridal suite and take care of everything. My dress looked truly amazing for my wedding!! Thanks Cacky!!!

Anne Marion

I got married more than 6 months ago, and I still think about how awesome Cacky was at my wedding. She helped me, my mom and my bridal party so much before, during and after the wedding. Everything she did was perfect, and she was so calm that she kept everyone else calm on the wedding day.
Cacky also goes above and beyond. When I arrived at my reception and realized I hadn't completely planned the first dance, cake cutting, etc., Cacky knew exactly what to do and handled everything, even though I hadn't originally asked her to help out with the reception.
Cacky is organized and professional, and she really wants her brides to have the perfect, stress-free wedding day.
She really is a wedding day lifesaver. With so much going on at weddings, not everything can go according to plan, but Cacky can handle anything.

Lee Jones

I'm the mother of the bride and I hired Cacky as a wedding gift to myself. She was extremely knowledgeable and professional during my daughter's first fitting and before, during, and after the wedding. She knew exactly what to do and when to do it. She even gave me a ride to the reception when I found my car tire flat after the wedding! If I had another daughter I would definitely hire her again! Thanks, Cacky!

Deborah LaRoche

Cacky, I was referring a friend to you and came across your new website–looks great!
To all others, if you need a hand on your wedding day, you can't go wrong with Cacky. I was referred to her by A Stitch Witch (who did my wedding gown alterations) and was so thankful. The last thing I wanted to be doing on the morning of my wedding was running around picking up my dress and worrying it was going to wrinkle in the car and all that...Cacky took care of all of it! Thanks again, Deborah

Jennifer Nimphie

Cacky was such a life saver for my wedding weekend last summer. I met Cacky when she helped me pick out my beautiful wedding dress. Then, Cacky came to both our rehearsal and our wedding. It was such a relief knowing that she was there to help with anything that I needed. Cacky helped with my dress (both dressing before the wedding, and bustling at the reception) and even did a last minute sewing for a bridesmaid's dress strap mishap. Through it all, Cacky's generous and relaxed attitude was exactly what a bride needs on her wedding day!

Kate Mack

Cacky was the perfect fit for our small-ish family wedding...she was there to help with all the little details, from cueing our entrance to the reception to bustling my gown. She even helped with re-pinning my hair when it started to fall! My favorite moment (and perfect example of her help) was when my veil flew off as I started to walk down the aisle. Cacky was literally right there to replace it in 2 seconds so we could continue walking without barely a hitch (and a few laughs!) There is no way I could have bustled my gown without her. She was also there on my bridal portrait day and helped with styling AND posing for the pics–they came out fabulous. She was a great help and so fun...we highly recommend her!

Kelly Sims

Cacky - Thank you so much for your assistance with the purchase of my wedding gown! You made the experience relaxing, stress free and fun!


Lindsey Leineweber

hey girl! love the new website!!!

Angela Bumphus-Corbin

Cacky was amazing! She was the one who selected my beautiful, perfect bridal gown at the bridal salon. She just knew what was going to look perfect on me. The day of the wedding, she helped me get into my dress in a way that no other person could. She knew how to perfect the corset and was just a must have for my day. Not only did she help me get dressed, she steamed my dress onsite. Additionally, she helped with my fathers suspenders and with my bridal party dresses. Throughout the day, she was there for me and made sure that my veil, gown, accessories and hair were always perfect. Cacky was such a joy to share our wedding day with. Every bride should have her for their special day. Her services are priceless. Thanks Cacky!

Kelly King Gainey

Cacky was seriously a wedding day life saver... I don't know what I would have done without her. She had all of her t's crossed and i's dotted. It was such a pleasure having someone there that could take all of the pressure off of me and let me just relax. My dress was perfectly steamed and I couldn't have felt more beautiful! THANKS CACKY!!! I tell all of my friend that are getting married about you!


Cacky was a tremendous help to me and my family not only on my wedding day, but during the planning days as well. She wasn't a typical "vendor"; she was a friend and she was available to help with anything I needed. Cacky attended my bridal portrait session and even a vendor meeting with me. She was there to help me get ready for my Rehearsal night and she was a tremendous help the day of my wedding. Cacky not only helped me, but she assisted my Bridesmaids and my mother on my wedding day. I don't know how I could have survived the wedding planning and wedding day without Cacky's support. She truly is a lifesaver!