Cacky Saves The Day…AGAIN!!!

I cannot say enough good words about Cacky!!! She is more than amazing. Our relationship started 5 years ago when I had my destination wedding in Charleston. I had some challenges that she helped me to breeze thru and she also helped talk me off a cliff or two. But that’s NOT what this review is about.

Let’s fast forward to this past weekend when she had to save my sister-in-law’s day. I had contacted my sister’s wedding planner looking for someone who could steam my bridesmaid dress (as I t was sure to wrinkle during my travel) and was rudely told by the planner that she could not help me. When I spoke to the bride about who was steaming her dress, I learned that she had no one in place and did not realize that her dress might require steaming. So, I remembered my dear Cacky and decided to reach out to her in a Hail Mary effort to get a last minute recommendation. I had no idea that Cacky would jump in to help us herself. This busy woman took our request at the very last minute and as always her work was impeccable.

It’s service like this that makes my heart smile. I WILL ALWAYS recommend Cacky’s Bride Aid service for your “right-hand-woman” needs. Whatever it is…she either does it OR knows someone EXCELLENT who does it. She truly goes above and beyond to serve her clients. Like I told her…the relationship she develops with her clients is not just a good thing…it’s a God thing because she is truly a God send. I cannot thank Cacky enough for coming thru to help save any bride’s special day!!