Cacky The Dream Maker!!!

Cacky was everything any bride could hope for on the day of her wedding and so much more!!! Cacky arrived early and went over a time line of the day with me. She began steaming all of my girls’ dresses and my wedding dress… She sewed my veil to my wedding dress because I was wearing a strapless gown but wanted my shoulders covered for the ceremony. At the last minute it was about to rain and she pulled out her phone, tracked the rain clouds, and strategically planned when we would walk to the church so to avoid getting wet- without her we would have been a soaked mess all running in to the church!! As the evening went on she made sure my husband and I were fed and had water, a drink, and my dress was bustled correctly. She knows how to take control of the situation and knows what to do and when to do it. From making sure all of my girls were taken care of, to keeping the wedding party calm and functional, Cacky mastered the day from start to end and made the entire day run smoothly. You MUST have Cacky for your wedding day because she is your wedding day angel!!!