Cacky’s Bride + Aid is a wedding day ‘must have’ that we will forever remember and be grateful for!

Dear Cacky,

When Gathering Events highly encouraged Cacky’s Bride + Aid, for a split second I pondered “why the additional service?” yet thankfully never questioned Gathering Event’s request. After all and in typical Charleston fashion, we adore your family so why not!?!
Now we adore Cacky’s Bride +Aid! Your incredible service is difficult to explain until experienced yet we are so grateful that you were with us every step of that special day.
The entire bridal party, and other wedding day professionals, truly benefited from your watchful eye and calming demeanor. As Mother of the Bride, from the moment the girls arrived to dress (with George in tow, mind you!) until you bustled our over-the-moon happy bride, I had the privilege of savoring each moment as everything had been delegated to you! You genuinely shared in our joy and I stand in awe of your ‘behind the scenes’ professional participation.
You have an unparalleled ability to detect needs then just calmly address them. No one asked, you just did! I recall dressing robes beautifully lined up and waiting for the girls, hair and make up stations perfectly appointed, steaming and pressing dresses and gowns to perfection, even noticing that George needed to be walked plus repairing a bridesmaid’s earring. Those little unexpected things were handled and managed beautifully and without fuss.
Cacky’s Bride + Aid is truly more than a wedding day lifesaver. Your service is wedding day fairy dust and your were the magic bullet.
Cacky’s Bride+ Aid is a wedding day ‘must have’ that we will forever remember and be grateful for!
Elly joins me in heartfelt appreciation,