Cacky’s help at our daughter’s

Cacky’s help at our daughter’s wedding was invaluable, and not just to the bride! She steamed and ironed all the bridesmaids’ dresses which had been packed in suitcases and our daughter’s wedding dress which was still in its box from New York. She helped me (the MOB) with my dress, fixing something that would have shown up in all the photographs. Even more, my left heel kept coming out of its shoe. I didn’t know how I was going to walk down the aisle. (Even though I had stuffed the toe with a Kleenex.). However, Cacky “dived into her bag” and immediately fixed the problem. I walked down the aisle and danced…with the shoe fitting perfectly!! Cacky even helped repair one of the groomsmen’s Coats. Cacky was not a “luxury;” she was a necessity! And, she is a thoroughly nice person!