Cacky’s Team Makes All Of The Difference! We LOVE Catherine!!

As a wedding videographer in the low country for the past decade, any time we see Cacky’s Bride Aid on the vendor list our hearts skip a beat! Cacky and her team always add that extra set of hands and that additional problem solving mind that thinks of EVERYTHING you could ever need on for your wedding day. Their sweet demeanors, excellent eye for detail, and we-can-fix-anything energy gives you the peace of mind to settle into such a wonderful day. We can’t recommend Cacky’s Bride Aid enough. Our most recent team member on location with us was Catherine and she blew all of our minds with sewing together the bride’s ONLY set of signature earrings to match her beautiful dress, after we’d tried gorilla glue and you name every other concoction. She literally saved the day (and the Client NEVER KNEW!) The beauty of having Cacky’s Bride Aid on site is having that detail-oriented mind dedicated to your family and friends’ success, without one of your family members carrying that weight or pressure. These ladies are ten out of ten. Hire them right now!!

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