Don’t even think about it, hire Cacky for your wedding day!

I hired Cacky last minute. By some luck of the imagination, Cacky was available on my big day. I originally asked her to come steam by wedding dress the morning of, becuase it was shipped from NYC. After reading more reviews about Cacky and learning about all the amazing services she provides the day of, my instinct told me to ask her to accompany me all day.

Before the wedding, Cacky called me on the phone and had me send her photos of my dress so that she could properly prepare ahead of time. On the phone, I could tell I had already made the right choice by hiring her for my big day. Cacky was offering me tips, and advice about aspects of the day I would have never thought of on my own, but we’re very important. She was confident, warm, knowledgeable, and had a “YES” attitude which really soothed me and reassured me that any of my concerns that I had about my dress or about the long day ahead, Cacky would be right by my side and take care of me and my bridal party.

And that she did. Cacky worked behind the scenes (somehow managing to keep my dress out of view from all my bridesmaids) as we got into Hair and makeup. She put me into my dress, set up all my reveals, made sure I looked picture perfect all day. She helped set up the photos by popping champagne, pouring and handing everyone theirs so that we could get the perfect shot! If ever I felt overwhelmed (a lot of family photographs were taken) she would just look at me with a confident encouraging smile and I instantly felt ok. She literally did not leave my side until all our photos were complete, even though she was overtime . As I sat down for the first time all day, without saying a word Cacky took off my heels for me and massaged both of my feet so that I could feel relaxed and at peace.

I cannot say enough about Cacky, she is a professional with a sweet kind demeanor and hiring her to assist me on my special day was worth every penny.
Thank you Cacky.