EVERY bride needs a bridal aid

A month after my wedding, my now husband, my mother, my bridal party, and I are still talking about how invaluable Catherine was in making my wedding a success and how we have no idea what we would have done if she hadn’t been with us. A small confession, until the day of my wedding, I was still unclear why I needed a bride’s aid. I repeatedly told my fiancee that with wedding planners, a team of staff at our hotel venue, six bridesmaids, and a mom, I would have nothing for a “Bride’s Aid” to do. WOW am I glad he thought ahead and hired Cacky’s services anyway. From the moment Catherine arrived, she proved why Cacky’s Bride+Aid will be the best money ANY bride spends on the wedding. Catherine seamlessly handled (i) the things no one want to do, but that are important (bridesmaid dress steaming, anyone?), (ii) the things everyone else is too busy to do, (like photo styling cuz everyone else is actually in them or shooting them) and (iii) the emergencies that just happened. Not planning on having emergencies? Yup, neither was I. A groomsman ripped the side of his trousers. An hour after, my mom ripped the hem of her dress. Men can’t be trusted to iron appearantly. Catherine is LITERALLY the bridal fairy godmother; every emergency that arose, she handled immediately with superhuman speed, poise, and so much grace. I can not stress this enough: No matter what type of wedding you are having–big, small, anywhere in between, and no matter who you have hired/arranged to help (planners, stylists, the works, or just your mom) Cacky’s Bride+Aid is THE safeguard you need to prevent the most stressful day ever.

Photo Credits: Monika Gauthier Photography. Venue: Dewberry Hotel. Planning: Pure Luxe Bride