You NEED her

A “bridal assistant” or “bride aid” sounds like a luxury (did to me anyway) but I can assure you she is a necessity! I didn’t know we needed her until we had her! I didn’t realize the extent of her services! She wears many hats in addition to her “tool belt”. Her tool belt is full of magic acts-she can sew a hem or lace or a bead, pin anything…etc. she even tied the bow ties for the groomsmen.
She was a calming force for my daughter, the bride, and helped her with every aspect of dressing (pressed her very wrinkled dress) , rearranged her attire even helped her pose for her pictures – things that nobody else thinks about doing!!
She is worth her weight in gold …she doesn’t weigh much but she’s worth a lot! Oh she’s also calm, fun and personable!! We formed a bond with her in just a few hours and were sad to say goodbye!