She made getting ready stress-free!

I was so nervous to have a destination wedding so it was really important that we had someone the day of to help with steaming, emergency alterations, and helping me get into my complicated but very beautiful wedding gown. In the morning I was feeling a little stressed and Cacky was so amazing that she gave me the BEST shoulder massage! She was able to get rid of my stress headache and really helped me feel at ease. She was very careful with our dresses, my bridesmaid robes, and my dress and veil. She also steamed the ribbons that we used to “Tie the Knot”. I couldn’t have made it through the morning without her and we are all very thankful that she was there! If you’re getting married in Charleston I HIGHLY recommend hiring her and having her spend the morning with you!! She is incredibly sweet, patient, calm, and has such bright energy about her!!

Elizabeth Schmitt

You NEED her

A “bridal assistant” or “bride aid” sounds like a luxury (did to me anyway) but I can assure you she is a necessity! I didn’t know we needed her until we had her! I didn’t realize the extent of her services! She wears many hats in addition to her “tool belt”. Her tool belt is full of magic acts-she can sew a hem or lace or a bead, pin anything…etc. she even tied the bow ties for the groomsmen.
She was a calming force for my daughter, the bride, and helped her with every aspect of dressing (pressed her very wrinkled dress) , rearranged her attire even helped her pose for her pictures – things that nobody else thinks about doing!!
She is worth her weight in gold …she doesn’t weigh much but she’s worth a lot! Oh she’s also calm, fun and personable!! We formed a bond with her in just a few hours and were sad to say goodbye!

Romy Barefoot

Cacky’s help at our daughter’s

Cacky’s help at our daughter’s wedding was invaluable, and not just to the bride! She steamed and ironed all the bridesmaids’ dresses which had been packed in suitcases and our daughter’s wedding dress which was still in its box from New York. She helped me (the MOB) with my dress, fixing something that would have shown up in all the photographs. Even more, my left heel kept coming out of its shoe. I didn’t know how I was going to walk down the aisle. (Even though I had stuffed the toe with a Kleenex.). However, Cacky “dived into her bag” and immediately fixed the problem. I walked down the aisle and danced…with the shoe fitting perfectly!! Cacky even helped repair one of the groomsmen’s Coats. Cacky was not a “luxury;” she was a necessity! And, she is a thoroughly nice person!

Marshall Webb

The service is PRICELESS!

Cacky’s services are priceless. There is no other way to put it. She helped with everything from getting ready to massaging my feet before dancing! She steamed every single dress and we never asked her to do anything! She thinks of things before you know you even know you need them! It takes what could be a stressful time and diffuses it making it feel carefree. All you have to focus on is having fun and leave Cacky to do the rest! I contacted her right after I got engaged before we even booked a wedding planner! Not to mention – she’s one of the nicest and most fun people to work with.

Caroline Assey

Cacky IS your wedding day lifesaver

My dress and I are so glad & grateful that Cacky was part of our big day !

Cacky offered to pick up my dress and start pampering it while I was getting ready : it was such a relief to know everything was being taking care of and that after a long plane trip, my dress was getting all the attention it needed.
And this is why Cacky is your wedding-must-have : not only she will care about your dress, but she will also make sure you are ready and relax to walk down the aisle !
Cacky dressed me up from top to bottom, helped me relax and steamed my extra-long veil last minute !

Cacky IS your wedding day lifesaver : if you don’t do it for your dress, do it for yourself 😉

Wolfhilde Monat-Trumpp