A Service you Can’t Live With-Out

I want to thank you for the excellent service you provided that helped our wedding day go so smoothly. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when it was suggested that we hire a bride-aid, but now I will tell anyone who will listen that you are worth every penny (just watching you stitch the hole in the groom’s pants was worth it :)). Lyndsay said over and over how amazing you were and how much she valued having you by her side before and after the ceremony. I think you helped calm her nerves too. Thanks again for all that you did!

Kimberli Jungles

Wedding Day Lifesaver

From the moment Cacky walked into our home on the wedding day, we knew that hiring her was one of the best decisions we made! On what was a cold, rainy, dreary day, she brought a welcome dose of calm, positivity and can-do. Throughout the day, Cacky had an innate ability to anticipate everyone’s needs — from having hand-warmers in her pocket to double sided tape for dress straps. There wasn’t any aspect of the wedding day prep she hadn’t thought through. On the walk to our venue, the strap broke on my wedding shoes and, while I was mid-panic, Cacky calmly replied “I can definitely fix that.” Fix that she did — Cacky saved the day and sewed up my shoes so that the tear was imperceptible.

I would recommend Cacky to anyone, and my sister is already looking forward to having her by her side in her wedding day (once she’s engaged)!

Emily Weber

An absolute must on your wedding day!

I can’t say enough about Cacky and her team! Not only did she take care of me but she also made sure my bridesmaids had their dresses steamed and were looking their best! Right before the ceremony I gof something on my dress and within 1 minute (literally) Cacky had taken care of it before I even realized it was an issue! That is just one of the many examples of how Cacky and team operates. You do not want to experience the most important day of your life without them!

Leslie Burrous Davis

Loving and Caring

Cacky was so wonderful–so loving and caring. She took such extra-special care of my daughter on her wedding day. I couldn’t have done it without her. At the last minute a button came off my daughters wedding dress and Cacky was prepared. She sewed the button back on and because that made me so nervous, she stayed for the full time.. I thought I could do without her but I couldn’t. I realized i really needed her to be there. She was so important and I would never, ever do a wedding without her. I totally suggest that anyone who uses her services need to use her for the full amount of time. It is so worth it! I love you, Cacky! Thanks for everything.

Cathy Rovick

You’ve gotta get Cacky!!

After the disappointment of having their destination wedding canceled, our daughter and her fiancé were happy to just head to the court house…not so fast, we wanted our only child to have a wedding to remember. Weddings are involved, even more so with strict Covid protocols. I was stressing to a friend that I had no clue how to “bustle” a gown, steam a veil..heck we couldn’t even go to NYC for fittings!! My friend just said “you’ve gotta get Cacky” and we did. Cacky is just wonderful, she is the Bride’s aid, MOB & FOB’s aid, aid to the photographers, videographer. Problem solver extraordinaire, calm, efficient and just fun. We didn’t have to worry about a thing, getting ready was a breeze. Cacky steamed, sewed buttons, bustled, she anticipated every need and was ready….. truly a Godsend …YOU’VE GOTTA GET CACKY!!!

Maria Suttie