I had heard about Cacky and her team prior to my wedding day, but had no idea how much I’d truly need her until she showed up while we were getting ready. Yes she steams the dresses and helps each person with their individual needs, but that’s only half of it. Any single little thing you need – a safety pin, deodorant, a bandaid, a mint, a fan – she has, Not only does she have everything, but she helped keep me calm, made me laugh, and added so much joy and support to the day. I don’t know how I’ll ever thank her enough. I wish she lived with me everyday so I could run all my life problems by her and she’d tell me exactly how to handle them. 1000000/10 recommend – your wedding day will go perfectly if Cacky is around!

Libby Barger

Cacky allowed me to relax and be in the moment and enjoy the best day of my life!

Booking Cacky was the absolute best thing I could have ever done for myself and my entire bridal party! It really is true what other people have said, you do not realize how much you need her until you have her on the day of. Cacky was right by my side the entire day, ready and eager to help with absolutely anything. She steamed everything, assisted the photographers, helped sew buttons on a bridesmaid’s pajamas, helped fix a groomsmen tux, and even helped with some last minute wedding dress mishaps! The biggest thing was having her there to hold my dress and walk around. The planners and photographers are busy doing their own thing, so having someone else to help you get around is crucial!! I feel so lucky to have had Cacky as my wedding day Fairy Godmother, because I was able to relax and be in the moment and enjoy the best day of my life!

Kendra Stewart

A true Godsend to all brides

Cacky is an unbelievable Godsend to have by your side on your wedding day. I was fortunate enough to have had her join my wedding planner’s day of team and was instantly greeted and introduced with the warmest Cacky hug.
She immediately put me at ease during the craziness of getting ready, got all our bridesmaids and MOB dresses steamed, prepped and ready to go.
My dress was a beast – heavy beading with a cathedral train – but Cacky handled it all, during pictures making sure I was comfortable and photo ready. And then she was there to bustle me right up to enjoy our cocktail hour.
It’s truly hard to put into words the amount of love and support she gave during those pre ceremony hours. I am not exaggerating when I say I couldn’t have handled that time without her.

Lauren Miko

Your Wedding Day Fairy Godmother

My fairy godmother. Cacky is HANDS DOWN one of the best decisions I made for my wedding. I didn’t realize how much I needed her until that day. She is a true professional and is beyond talented. She’s your right hand woman and is there for ALL your wedding needs. From steaming dresses, to hems, to making sure you’re hydrated/eating, to holding your train, to helping you go to the bathroom in your wedding dress, to bustling, to making last minute adjustments to your dress because you just had to wear shoes with rhinestones (oops) – I mean she is literally superwoman. The best part is that I feel like I have known her my entire life. I genuinely love her and don’t know what I would have done without her on my wedding day. I cannot recommend her enough. Book her right now.. you NEED her. Trust me on this one.

Rachel Frick

Wedding day hero

Cacky was truly incredible – an absolutely pivotal part of my wedding day! She was calm, reassuring, and a true professional the entire day. Not only was she a huge help for me and my bridesmaids, but she also helped all of the groomsmen (tying bow-ties, steaming suits, etc.), along with my dad, and multiples others in the bridal party. She stayed with me all through the afternoon – from getting me into my dress, to taking photos / carrying my train, to holding my vow book, and even bringing me water. She was such a calming presence and truly made what is otherwise a hectic and stressful day into a breeze. I couldn’t recommend her enough to any bride! She is a total rockstar – the best in the business!

Kelly R